Our selection of premium beef cuts.

We work with our chefs to select only the finest cuts of beef to wear the Greenstone Creek name. Learn more about some of our beef cuts available in the range below and make your own expert selection.

Other cuts are available to our chefs, upon request.

Our Range


The beef cheek has been gaining popularity over the years. Hand-selected, the beef cheek should be cooked low and slow to ensure a tender eating experience, with a texture similar to pulled brisket.


Selected with optimal fat cover the beef D-Rump is lean, finely-textured and has a good balance of fat and tender qualities. It is at its best when roasted or diced for casseroles.

Flank Steak

Beef flank steaks are a supremely lean cut, long and thin in appearance, coming from the flank of the animal. 

The beef flank has a great flavour profile whilst being of a structure that allows for better absorption of marinades then the other more expensive cuts, the perfect canvas for chefs to introduce their own flavours. Beef flank steaks are best cut against the grain. 

Point-End Brisket

The beef point-end brisket is full of flavour when cooked. Its high degree of connective tissue requires a long, slow cook to break down, therefore it’s best for braising, slow cooks and BBQ low and slow.

Ribeye Roll

The beef ribeye roll is one of the more popular cuts in the Greenstone Creek range.

With a marble score of 4+ and aged to perfection the boneless ribeye roll can be roasted whole or sliced into steaks. A spectacularly bold beef flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture. 

Short Ribs

Our beef short ribs are deliciously meaty and rather indulgent.

Like all meat close to the bone, beef short ribs are one of the most flavorsome beef cuts. Long, slow-cooking further intensifies the rich and wholesome flavours.


The beef striploin is a boneless cut found running from the ribs to the rump. 

The striploin has an excellence mix of tender and flavour making it popular among chefs. Can be roasted whole or cut into NY strip steaks, sirloin or porterhouse.


The beef tenderloin is a long, boneless fillet taken from between the short loin and the sirloin. Our beef tenderloins are consistently meaty and marbled, the marbling creates an incredible buttery tenderness. 

Highly versatile, the beef tenderloin can be roasted whole or cut into steaks for cuts like beef medallions and Filet Mignon. 


The beef tri-tip is a distinctive triangular meat cut, located on the bottom of the sirloin primal, also known as a rump tail. 

The beef tri-tip has a beefy, robust flavour, similar to the sirloin, that is tender and lean when not over-cooked. Best roasted, pan fried or smoked it can also be sliced or diced into your dish.

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