We're proud to offer you Greenstone Creek

Premium grass-fed New Zealand beef, hand selected and aged for exceptional tenderness and taste.


Our selection of premium beef cuts

We select only the finest cuts of beef to wear the Greenstone Creek name. Learn more about each of our cuts of beef available in the range, and make your own expert selection.

New Zealand's finest cows in a green pasture.

Our Story

So much goes into delivering New Zealand's
finest grass-fed beef; from lush green pasture,
to expert selection and delicate aging.
Discover our Greenstone Creek story.

Scott Buckler
Terrace Downs, Methven

"I feel very honoured that Terrace Downs and I have had the opportunity to showcase this New Zealand grass-fed beef. This is truly a cut above the rest in terms of flavour profile having been raised naturally on grass all year round."



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