Inspired by Nature

It all started with the natural beauty of New Zealand's precious stone and crystal-clear water. Its uncompromising perfection inspired us to deliver a range of premium New Zealand grass-fed beef that could capture that same quality: Greenstone Creek.

We knew we had to be discerning. We knew we had to bring expertise. We knew we had to give our utmost care and attention. And we knew we had to do it every step of the way.

There is very little beef of this quality available on the market. Only a select few restaurants can showcase it as part of their menu. But for chefs who appreciate the best, and want to deliver the ultimate eating experience, it's really the only choice. We're proud to offer you Greenstone Creek: free-range, hand-selected, and aged for a superior taste.


New Zealand is blessed with farmland of unparalleled fertility and beauty. But we need the best. So we bring all our experience to select the very best cattle from around New Zealand. They're raised naturally, free-range, grazing on lush New Zealand grass year-round.


Only a truly exceptional cut meets the Greenstone Creek standard. For that, it has to pass the uncompromising standards and expert eyes of our Master Graders. Their experience, skill and dedication ensures you receive only the cuts worthy of your kitchen.

Aged to perfection

We can't just stop there. Perfection takes time. So as nature worked its magic on our natural New Zealand landscape, we let it work its magic on our hand-selected cuts. Every Greenstone Creek steak cut is aged for 21 days, resulting in meat that's beautifully marbled and mouth-wateringly tender.

Superior Selection Exceptional Taste

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