Exceptional, every time

Each individual cut that wears the Greenstone Creek name is hand-selected by our Master Graders, they have a stringent selection process, so you receive an exceptional cut every time.

Greenstone Creek steak with marble score of 4


A beef marbling score of 4+ is required on every steak cut that wears the Greenstone Creek label. This level of marbling in a grass-fed animal is something we are incredibly proud of and what truly sets us apart from our competitors. Our team hand-select every one of our steak cuts and measure it against the Meat Standards Australia chart, ensuring consistency every time. The intramuscular fats that make up the marbling produce that melt-in-the-mouth, flavoursome, tender cut of meat your customers will come to expect.

pH Levels

Our Master Graders test the pH level for each Greenstone Creek cut individually after 48 hours, it’s important to us that every cut meets our strict criteria. The pH level gives an insight into the life of the animal, high pH levels can indicate high levels of stress providing a darker, tougher cut of meat. We are looking for an ideal pH level (not greater than 5.8 pH) which has a brighter red colour. The cuts that meet the Greenstone Creek criteria will be tender and juicier providing a premium eating experience for your customers.

Fat Cover

Each cut is graded for consistent fat cover, this hand selection allows us to maintain an exacting standard for each cut. Not only does this provide a tender eating experience, it is also visually appealing for your customers.

Fat Colour

When selecting each cut of Greenstone Creek, the Master Graders are looking at the colour of the fat. We remove those cuts that have a distinct yellow colour in the fat which is an indicator that it has a higher level of B-carotene, due to the pastures they are grazing on. We ensure that all Greenstone Creek cuts have a consistent fat colour, so it is aesthetically pleasing for your customers.


When our Master Graders have selected only the best cuts, we then age all steak cuts for 21 days, providing a noticeably different eating experience for your customers. Aging allows enzymes within the meat to slowly break down and soften muscle fibres, delivering exceptional tenderness.


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